“Face your fears”, he had said.

How many times have we thought? And thought? And thought so much about what would happen if our fear(s) came true?

How much have we thought and drained ourselves emotionally? How much have we weighed ourselves down with our fears?

I still remember when I used to shake with fear whenever my ex talked about his second marriage to me while we were married. I used to beg him like a child to not mention it as it scares me. And he used to calmly say, “Face your fears, you are a strong woman”.

I realized it much later that he turned me into a strong woman. He forced my fears upon me and forced me to face them. He tore me and I patched myself up later.

It’s okay to worry. It’s okay to be scared. And to be honest once those fears come true you feel like a warrior after fighting it. But the fight is frightening. Our fears crush us when they happen. But most of the times I have experienced that they were not as horrific as I had thought.

My faith is what keeps me going. It is my only weapon to fight with. My prayers and my faith in my God is what has helped me fight myself when I overthink. My faith speaks to me when my mind is thundering loud with my fears. My faith is my sakina (peace).

I am learning that no matter how much I worry, things will happen. But when I over stress I get weak emotionally. I become a burden on myself and others. I am learning that majority of the times things do not end up that bad. And even if they do time helps you adjust. Time indeed is the best healer.

Find your strength. Your driving force. For me it is my faith. My faith that my God has always blessed me even when I was breaking. He has always helped me and provided for me. He took care of me. He has been my supporter. He created sources for me from places I could have never thought of.

My Allah has never failed me. Never. I am forever yours my Rabb (God). You are my biggest comfort.


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I start this blog as I enter a new chapter of my life. An inspiration to those who are struggling and a reminder to me of my past and hope for my future.

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